Holiday Greetings

We are finalizing the list for Holiday Food and Toys. The “Elves” are making the list and checking it against the other lists around the county. This is a wonderful year with many locations helpling to make sure that those with limited budgets can at least have one day of feast. The Humboldt Board of Realtors have shopped their hearts out and have provided some wonderful toys for the kids who may not otherwise have a new toy.
This year we are switching from a Sunday distribution day to a Wednesday, infact next week. The volunteers have planned and are ready to set things up and have set up appointment times for parents to come “shop” and wrap for Christmas.
This year is different, we have been given a grant from Cal-Fresh which is generously helping with the cost of providing our regulary food pantry and with the anticipation of EFS funds orders for food have been made and delivery is eminant. We have alos been blessed with a large freezer which allows us to order frozen foods to distribute. We are shopping with taste and nutrution in mind. The garden has also shifted to fall/winter foods we have benifited from fresh swischard, cabbage and other yummy thing that grow this time of year.
If you are ever in desire of knowing more about Fortuna Adventist Community Services and what happens around here, drop by, shoot me an e-mail or a phone call.
Catch me if and when you can I will be glad to share on my favorite topic FACS.
Don’t get me wrong, we are very in need of donations, food is well funded this year but we have no money for anything else. Case management for homeless and those who are seeking to better theri life is on a shoe string budget and our volunteers are very cherished and necessary.
We have added a new volunteer to our Dorcas program, on Tuesday mornings we have Earl here to have prayer and sit with those who feel in need of some spritual time. It’s nice to have someone here to spend time with those in crisis. We have also added a new computer for those who wish to do job search, sign up for social service programs or e-mail friends. It is hooked to the internet and has a printer attached if it a resume you need to produce.
FACS is always a busy place and never dull, see you on your next visit, maybe. Rhonda