THE COMMUNITY GARDEN: The Impending Harvest

Shovel - FACS

Yes, the garden project is up and running at last. During the winter, Steve Palecki, our Garden Coordinator, planted potatoes and garlic, and we expect to harvest any day now. And, in addition to white potatoes, Steve planted blue potatoes, and we’ve seen the first come out of the ground. They look like lumpy blue amethysts, purple as cobalt, just ready to be peeled and cooked. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, blue potatoes taste and cook like white potatoes, but are far more nutritious. In this special garden issue of the FACS Newsletter, look for a recipe for patriotic potato salad, and we’ll tell our health-conscious eaters why blue potatoes are a guilt-free indulgence. We’ll also talk about what’s going on out at the garden and how the Lord is poised to bless Humboldt County with fresh produce.

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