Our Giant Pile of Dirt

topsoil - FACS

Photo by Jesse Perry

It seems silly, I know, but we’re very excited about our new pile of dirt. Large gardens have a continual problem: soil must be amend- ed in order to reach its growth potential. For most of us, that means a couple bags of steer manure, but when there’s 10,000 square feet of soil to amend, it begins to get expensive. (Who’d’a thunk that what comes out of the south end of a steer would be so pricey?)

A few weeks ago, Steve was working out at the garden, and a man stopped by, a local businessman and purveyor of premium topsoil (certified organic, no less!). He offered to donate 10 yards of his best, if we could arrange to collect it. After a bit of research to insure that this donation would not interfere with our organic registration, Steve contacted a member of our church (I won’t tell you his name, but there’s an asphalt road at campmeeting named after his grandfather) and asked if he could help us to collect our wonderful pile of dirt. This church member just happened to drive a 10-yard dump truck and decided to donate his time and the use of the truck to our garden. That’s how the Lord blessed us with $1,400.00 worth of premium topsoil for nothing more than a few gallons of diesel fuel. And it’s beautiful stuff to those who know topsoil: worm castings, coconut fiber, bat guano, mushroom compost, rock phosphate, peat moss, steer manure, and other lovely stuff, all composted so there’s no weeds in it.

God loves to get us involved in his blessings. He could’ve made the dirt appear magically, but instead he used a man with too much topsoil, and a generous church member who just happened to have a 10-yard (translated: enormous) dump truck, and now we don’t have to buy soil to get us through the next year. Ain’t it grand?

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