NUTS AND BERRIES: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Blue Potatoes

Blue potatoes - FACS

Photo by Jesse Perry

Most of us have heard that potatoes are part of the reason that Americans are overweight. Starch turns quickly to fat and potatoes don’t have much besides starch. What those studies don’t tell you, is that they’re all about white potatoes, the kind we eat in French fries, fish and chips, and mashed potatoes. Blue potatoes are a different story.

Blue potatoes get their color from the same substance that makes cabbage purple, and it is this substance that makes blue potatoes especially rich in antioxidants. Basically, when we eat the purple stuff, it protects us from cancer. Blue potatoes are also ridiculously high in vitamin C, a key part of preventing heart disease. But the best part is that they taste just like white potatoes, only a bit stronger.

Blue potatoes are a medium starch potato which means they’ll mash just fine, but hold their own in potato salad. And blue potatoes, along with all brightly colored potatoes, preserve 75% of their nutritional value even after cooking them to death. And, if that weren’t enough, they’re a bit more tasty than white potatoes, so there’s no need to slather them in butter and salt. So wrap them in foil and bake them, fry them in olive oil, boil them, or do whatever you want to them, they’ll stay nutritious and taste great.

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