NEWS FROM THE BANKS: The Community Garden Breaks Ground!

No need to adjust your glasses, you read it right: the community garden has broken ground, and things are already growing, despite the lateness of the year! Thanks to the work of Steve Palecki and many from the Latino Health Promotion Project through the Mobile Medical office, about a quarter of an acre has been tilled and we are looking forward to a late harvest. In addition, a member of the project (who asked to remain anonymous) has been generously donating about 2 dozen fresh farm eggs to our foodbank each week.
As word of the community garden gets out, local merchants are leaping at the opportunity to help out. Wyckoff’s Plumbing Hardware has agreed to donate and to help us install all the irrigation plumbing. A local man has offered to sell us an expensive roto-tiller for a measly $600 dollars. Several local nurseries have donated plants and soil preparation materials. And we have received friendly offers from numerous other local banks and businesses who know a good com-munity project when they hear about it.
And the garden keeps expanding its potential. While the season is not right to grow polenta corn, we are planting garlic, which promises a great return as fresh garlic is always in demand.

If you would be interested in getting involved with our community garden, give Rhonda Lewis a call at 725-1166. And be sure to check out the garden pictures on page 6.

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